Introduction of Graduate Insititute of Sociology of Education(GISE) at Nanhua University



Graduate Insititute of Sociology of Education(GISE) at Nanhua University was established in 1997 and remains the first and the only graduate program focusing on exploring educational issues from sociological perspectives in Taiwan. By recognizing the substantial connection between education and society, GISE aims to develop an sociological understanding of educational phenomena which is strongly grounded in social sciences and humanities. Additionally, GISE provides a dialogue forum for scholars from all disciplines, students, and educational practitioners who are interested in issues regarding sociology and education.

GISE offers M.A. program which equips students with strong interdisciplinary grounding that allows them to approach education questions with a sociological lens. The program consists of three core courses (Concepts and Theories in Sociology of Education, Sociology of Education Research Methods, and Current Issues in Sociology and Education) and a wide array of courses which enable students to employ quantitative as well as qualitative approaches to analyzing educational issues. Typically, students can complete all degree requirements in four to six semesters.

Students who received the degree are expected to know and evaluate the major theories and key concepts used by sociologists to analyse education as a social institution, social process and lived experience.